Ecology Studies

Ecology Studies
Ecology Studies


Welcome To Lush Gardens

Looking after the environment…

With ever-expanding populations, the greenspace in our cities has never been so important or more under threat, while the health benefits to people are now well know and widely documented.


Lush Gardens Ltd. is an environmental consultancy providing the following services.

Our Purpose

The original purpose of Lush Gardens was to help ecologists teaching around the country to keep in touch with each other and with what the society was doing in education.

Our Students

Lush Gardens Ltd. regularly undertake the role of the ecological teaching tp our students, whereby we provide advice and supervise any ecologically sensitive activities.

Invasive Species

Invasive plant species are listed on the Wildlife and Countryside Act Part II under Schedule 9. Fauna species are also included as invasive species under this legislation.

Talks & Training Courses

We have undertaken several toolbox talks to construction workers, school environmental classes for environment week and during lectures on Ecology.

Ecology Future

Current and future ecologists have a list to guide them as the priorities in environmental policy and provide a stimulus for applied ecological research and hopefully increase the dialogue between scientists and students.


The design of Lush Gardens is built on the use of inquiry, scientific thinking, collaborative work, formative evaluation, and alternative assessment in the classroom. We show faculty how to teach core ecological principles with these student-active approaches.