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With ever-expanding populations, the greenspace in our cities has never been so important or more under threat, while the health benefits to people are now well know and widely documented. 


Even small spaces can provide valuable habitats for many species of plants and animals, increasing urban biodiversity and allowing our children and young people to benefit from interaction with the wildlife around us.  This relationship may be informal via day-to-day recreational use of our parks and gardens, or via more formal educational trips and activities.


In actively planning and managing our urban landscapes to provide valuable habitats, we can increase connectivity between areas, allowing species to flourish and expand and can help to ensure that our children have the opportunity to build an enduring relationship with the natural world, here in the very heart of our urban communities.


We couldn’t do this without your help and donations

Many time pressured teachers and youth leaders turn to our team for support. We offer a range of age and curriculum related programmes, expertise in working with children with additional support needs, and funding advice. The Education team aim to help ease the challenges you face in providing outdoor learning experiences.

At The Ecology Centre we have developed therapeutic environmental education programmes, which use nature as a tool to improve the lives of young people facing challenges and disadvantage.

Sessions are tailored to each group’s needs and can involve the best that Ecology Centre education has to offer:

  • experiential learning
  • practical conservation
  • creative activities
  • nature exploration
  • team building
  • outdoor education

Sessions are designed to build self-esteem, communication and team-work skills as well as providing a therapeutic experience in nature.

These sessions can be tailored to your group’s needs and can cover elements including the following:

  • The benefits of outdoor education
  • Teambuilding games and activities
  • Literacy in the outdoors
  • Environmental arts
  • Climate change and energy
  • Bushcraft skills
  • Mindful experiences and nature therapy in the outdoors

Prices vary according to numbers and areas to be covered, we are very happy to discuss different options with you. We also provide lunch as part of this package.

Environmental education has always been at the heart of The Ecology Centre.  Demand for educational visits has grown and we now work with hundreds of school children each year helping them to understand the importance of and how to care for our environment.