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We provide career development programmes and conferences, as well as work with our members to create teaching resources.


You will find in this section material we have developed over the years which could be categorised as  environmental education and which is now used in various parts of the world to good effect. We would be the first to say that this is wholly inadequate given the enormity of the task we have undertaken and that we should be doing more.

Supporting Students

We help students to build their skills, develop their careers and enhance the policy impact of their work.

We present the scientific evidence, rather than  campaigning on particular issues. Our mission is to generate, communicate and promote ecological knowledge and solutions. We welcome inquiries from anyone who uses ecological knowledge in their work.

Ecology Science

The way we do science is changing – data are getting bigger, analyses more complex, and governments, funders and the scientific method itself demand transparency and accountability in research. One way to deal with these changes is to make our research is reproducible, especially our code. This guide covers all the basic tools and information you need to start making your code more reproducible.